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Samsung’s customizable ‘BESPOKE’ Refrigerator launch in Europe
Exhibition in ‘IFA 2019’…Targeting global millennials starting with Europe
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[Mediapen=Cho Han-jin] Samsung Electronics’ customizable refrigerator ‘BESPOKE’ will go on sale in Europe starting next year.

BESPOKE is a customizable refrigerator letting consumers choose the size and color panels depending on their lifestyle and residential space. After introduced in the domestic market in June, it is receiving lots of praises.

▲ Samsung Electronics BESPOKE refrigerator/Source=Samsung Electronics

Before the official launch in Europe, Samsung will open a display room at ‘IFA 2019’ held in Berlin from September 6 to 11 to attract European consumers. Europe is currently the largest built-in kitchen appliances market with more than 40% share, as Europeans pursue both fashion and function. 

Together with BESPOKE, Samsung will also introduce premium built-in kitchen appliances targeting the European millennials. Consumers can select the glass material to match their BESPOKE fridge. 

“BESPOKE fridge has become the new ‘lifestyle appliance’ in Korea, receiving lavishing comments from all over the world”, said Yang Hye-soon, managing director of the Household Appliance Business Division at Samsung. She added “Starting with Europe, we will further strengthen our position as a global lifestyle appliance and take the lead”.

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