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LG introduce AI-powered ThinQ to Middle East and Africa
‘LG ThinQ Zone’ 4,500-square-foot brand store open in New Cairo
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[Mediapen=Lee Dong-eun] LG Electronics opened ‘LG ThinQ Zone’ in New Cairo to drive awareness of it's AI-powered ThinQ and home appliances.

This is the first time for LG to provide an place to experience ThinQ in the Middle East and Africa. More than 100 people attended the opening ceremony, including Yoon Yeo-cheol, South Korean Ambassador in Egypt and Egypt’s football star Hazem Emam.

▲ ‘LG ThinQ Zone’ open in New Cairo, Egypt/Source=LG Electronics

By opening the store in New Cairo where many luxury residents are located, LG plans to increase its premium brand image. Visitors can take a look around the various premium products including LG Signature, OLED TV, TwinWash washing machines, InstaView refrigerators and experience the AI connected devices,

LG was the first company in the world to provide Arabic voice recognition services in TVs. For example, AI-supported TVs will provide the related contents when users ask about the weather in Arabic dialect. Users can also control their Styler, air purifier and air conditioner through their ThinQ application.

With ThinQ Zone in Egypt as a start, LG is planning to expand its experience space to other parts of the Middle East and Africa.

“We will solidify our premium brand position with ThinQ and provide our consumers with smart and efficient living,” said James Lee, the President of the Middle Eastern and African regions of LG.

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